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Bay Roberts & Spaniard's Bay

SAM Member Since: June 1997
Area Protected: 192 acres

The Towns of Bay Roberts and Spaniard's Bay were identified as having critical wetland habitats within their municipal boundaries. Negotiations between the municipalities and the Eastern Habitat Joint Venture resulted in the signing of a joint Municipal Stewardship Agreement on June 6, 1997.

Conservation Area

The Shearstown Estuary is a productive wetland habitat located between the Towns. An estuary is a transitional zone between a river and the ocean. They are typically semi-enclosed, coastal basins that receive water from both fresh and salt water sources. Shearstown Pond, Arnie's Pond and the innermost portion of Spaniard's Bay are all part of the Shearstown Estuary. While there are many locations in Newfoundland where rivers flow into the ocean, very few are true estuaries.

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Bay Roberts - Spaniards Bay Kids Map
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