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SAM Member Since: July 2013
Area Protected: 84 acres

The Town of Flatrock is situated 12 km northwest of the capital city of St. John's. Most of Flatrock was settled in 1762 by Norwegian and Irish families as well as people from England, Scotland and France. The chief reason for original settlement in Flatrock was fishing.

Conservation Area

Flatrock's Conservation Areas are areas of critical importance to waterfowl, generally providing prime habitat for nesting and brood rearing. Without these areas a great number of bird populations, including waterfowl, songbirds, and other wildlife in the community would suffer. The Town of Flatrock has four Conservation Areas within its planning boundaries: Little Pond (12.75 acres), Long Pond and Sinnots Pond (33.5), Muddy Pond (32.4 acres) and Kennedy's Pond (5.6 acres). These areas encompass a diversity of habitat types including bog, fen and shallow water, and provide habitat for several bird species such as American black ducks, black-throated green warblers and swamp sparrows.

Community Fact Sheet
Flatrock Kids Map
Download and print this pamphlet to use at your next community stewardship event
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