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Pouch Cove

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SAM Member Since: November 2017 
Area Protected: 623 acres

Located just 25 km from the capital city of St. John's, Pouch cove have a population of 2069. The first recorded European settlement was in 1611 when British ships brought fishermen and carpenters to the area. The town was incorporated in 1970 and also encompasses the near by community of Shoe Cove.

Conservation Areas

Conservation areas are wetland or upland areas of significance to waterfowl and generally provide habitat for nesting, brood rearing and/or staging. In the case of Pouch Cove, there are six separate conservation areas within the municipality. These include Northeast Pond and Old Pond which are ideal habitat for staging and nesting. Also, the adjacent barrens and pond edges provide food and shelter for wildlife. Shoe Cove/Peyton's/Grog Pond support significant wildlife both birds and mammals. North Three Island Pond has several highly productive ponds and wetlands including fens and bogs. The Coastal Conservation Area has unique shorelines with steep rock cliffs, ideal for seabird colonies. In land has seen many bird species including the White Throated Sparrow, Hermit Thrush, and the endangered Red Crossbill. Finally, Pigeon Island was recommended as a conservation area by council and residents as the island provides valuable habitat for Puffins, Leach's Storm Petrels, Black legged Kittiwakes and several other seabird species.

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Wildlife Watching
East Coast Trail Conservation
In the Strawberry Point Conservation area protected by the Town of Pouch Cove, Stiles Cove Pathpart of the East Coast Trail, is partially protected under the municipal habitat stewardship agreement.
Pouch Cove Kids Map
Download and print this pamphlet to use at your next community stewardship event
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Community Fact Sheet 
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