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SAM Member Since: September 2001
Area Protected: 1,958 acres

The Town of Springdale is on the northwest side of Halls Bay, just north of Green Bay, along the northeast coast of central Newfoundland. Springdale acts as a service hub for much of the Green and White Bay areas. Springdale is rich in wildlife biodiversity. Indian River Falls is a popular spot for salmon fishing and Halls Bay is known for whale and bird watching. Springdale also provides many walking, hiking and skiing trails throughout the community.

Conservation Area

There are three Conservation Areas within Springdale's municipal boundaries, which together support a diversity of avian species and encompass a total area of approximately 1950.4 acres. Indian Brook Arm Estuary (248.2 acres) provides an important stopover, feeding site, and intermediary for an increasing number of Canada geese. Lower Burnt Berry Bog (743.1 acres) is a relatively undisturbed raised bog and surface fen, that provides important nesting habitat for Canada geese and black ducks. Upper Burnt Berry Bog (959.1 acres) is a predominately raised bog with some surface fen, located on the northwest side of Burnt Berry Brook. It plays an important role in the landscape by acting like a sponge and holding water from spring runoff and heavy precipitation, thereby preventing excessive flooding, while also providing a source of water during dry spells for Burnt Berry Brook and Indian Brook.

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