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Centreville - Wareham - Trinity

SAM Member Since:  November 2017
Area Protected: 5,423 acres

Located 48 km from the Trans Canada Highway along route 320, The Road to The Shore in the Indian Bay Region. In 1992 the towns of Centreville, Wareham and Trinity amalgamated to one municipality. The latest census placed the population at 1161. Located in the well-known recreational fishing of Indian Bay region of Bonavista North, the community is a year round tourist destination. 

Conservation Area

Conservation areas are wetlands or uplands of significance to waterfowl and generally provide habitat for nesting, brood rearing and/or staging. In the case of Centreville-Wareham-Trinity over 5000 acres (2100 ha) has been designated for protected areas. These areas include the Northwest Pond Watershed and the Black's Brook/Southwest Feeder Ponds.  

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