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Channel - Port aux Basques

SAM Member Since: August 2003
Area Protected: 727 acres

The Town of Channel - Port aux Basques, with a population of ~4,200, is located on the south-west coast of Newfoundland. The town is the central point of entry or "gateway" to the island, via ferry. It is known for its natural, deep water port and in the past was used by the Basques people as a safe-haven in stormy seas. Channel-Port aux Basques was once two separate communities and it wasn't until 1945 that the two were integrated into one.

Conservation Area

The Conservation Area covers 727 acres of wetland of significance to waterfowl in three ponds. These ponds and marshes and their surrounding vegetated buffers provide prime habitat for nesting and brood rearing of juvenile waterfowl.

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