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Deer Lake

SAM Member Since: June 2011
Area Protected: 874 acres

The Town of Deer Lake, on the west coast of Newfoundland, is nestled where the Humber River flows into the northern end of a long lake known as Deer Lake. The town, and the lake, are said to have originally gotten their name from the significant number of caribou, then thought to be deer, seen crossing the lake. Today, Deer Lake is home to some 5000 people.

Conservation Area

A significant quantity of wetland habitat for waterfowl and other wildlife exists within the planning boundaries of the Town. Wetlands, which include riparian marshes, shallow open water, bogs, and fens, offer feeding sites, staging areas and sheltered habitats for waterfowl breeding and brood rearing. Surrounding uplands (i.e. terrestrial areas) associated with these wetland habitat types also play an important role in maintaining wetland integrity.

Deer Lake Kids Map
Download and print this pamphlet to use at your next community stewardship event
Deer lake SAM Kids Map.png
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