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SAM Member Since: June 2017
Area Protected: 610 acres

Forteau is located in the Labrador Straits region of southern Labrador and has a population of 409 (2016 Census). Regional attractions include Red Bay whaling heritage sites, Pioneer Footpath, Point Amour lighthouse, Overfall Brook Trail, Bakeapple Folk Festival in August, icebergs, boat tours, berry picking, skiing, fishing, and sight seeing. Industries include commercial fishing, industrial projects, and tourism.

Conservation Area

The Town of Forteau contains important wildlife habitat within the municipal planning area.  Wetlands within the municipality form individual links of waterfowl migration routes for a wide variety of both wetland and upland bird species.  There is also ideal habitat for a large number of songbirds, mammals, and fish within the town’s planning area. First Pond is known to contain freshwater mussels, salamanders, and a variety of fish species; the river connecting First Pond and the estuary is a popular fishing spot and Black Bear have been sighted there as well. 


Conservation Areas are important habitat which support birds and other wildlife during feeding, nesting, and staging. The Conservation areas in Forteau encompass a substantial land area (246 hectares, or 610 acres) and could incorporate education and interpretation projects, particularly as both sections are visible and have at least one access point. The area fully protects a connected system that includes First Pond, a river (and adjacent riparian habitat) and an estuary that has an intact tidal wetland. It is an excellent spot for birding, photography and fishing.

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