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Frenchman's Cove

SAM Member Since: October 2013
Area Protected: 760 acres

The first Newfoundland Census, conducted in 1836, is the earliest documented evidence of the community of Frenchman's Cove. Though it was settled prior to this time, the date of settlement is not known. Local folklore and tradition hold that some of the first settlers were Cluetts of French origin. The small-boat inshore fishery has been the economic mainstay of the area, and it was not until the later part of the nineteenth century that locals joined crews of the Bank fishery schooners, operated from Grand Bank.

Conservation Area

Frenchman's Cove has two Conservation areas, totaling 760 acres. Frenchman's Cove Barasway has ideal staging habitat for many waterfowl species such as Canada geese, American black duck and Common goldeneye. Shorebirds can also be seen on the beaches of the Barasway, including Red knot, which is federally and provincially listed as an endangered species. Seal Cove Barasway is a small salt water pond surrounded by common grass, shrub and coniferous tree species. The area provides habitat for many species of wildlife, including Great and Double-crested cormorants, Snipe and gulls. Areas adjacent to the marsh are home to various birds of prey, such as Rough-legged hawk, Northern harrier and Bald eagle.

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