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SAM Member Since: October 2013
Area Protected: 208 acres

Garnish lies along the western shore of Little Garnish Barasway, a natural harbour protected by a spit of land and two breakwaters. The first Official census of Newfoundland, taken in 1836, shows that Garnish had a population of 76 people. In the Census of 1921 the population was recorded as 665. Today, is it close to 700. When the resettlement program began in the 1960's the people of Garnish welcomed the former residents of Point Rosie. The resettlement of Point Rosie increased the population of Garnish considerably.

Conservation Area

Garnish has two Conservation areas, totaling 208.4 acres. Frenchman's Cove Barasway has ideal staging habitat for many waterfowl species such as Canada geese, American black duck and Common goldeneye. Shorebirds can also be seen on the beaches of the Barasway, including Red knot, which is federally and provincially listed as an endangered species. Big Hill Pond includes two ponds and a 50 meter buffer surrounding the area. Large portions of the ponds are relatively shallow, containing generous amounts of emergent vegetation, providing food and shelter for many species of wildlife.

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