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SAM Member Since: June 1993
Area Protected: 873 acres

The Town of Gander is situated in central Newfoundland on the northeastern shore of Gander Lake. The municipality is the site of Gander International Airport, formerly an important refueling point for transatlantic aircraft, and, to this day, a preferred stopping point for transatlantic aircraft that need to land because of on-board medical or security emergencies. The Town serves as a regional service centre for some 80,000 people in more than 300 neighbouring communities.

Conservation Area

The Town of Gander has 5 Conservation Areas within their planning boundaries: Northwest Bog, Cobb's Pond, Whitman's Pond, Peyton's Pond and the constructed wetland in the community of Benton which is approximately 868 acres. These areas are identified as having important nesting and brood-rearing habitat for a large number of waterfowl species. Some common wildlife species observed in the area include American black duck, ring-necked duck, green-winged teal, Canada goose, beaver, mink, river otter and muskrat.

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