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Happy Valley - Goose Bay

SAM Member Since: June 2004
Area Protected: 5,109 acres

The Town of Happy Valley - Goose Bay, with a population of ~7,500, is the centre of transportation, distribution and administration for Labrador. Goose Bay was established in 1941 as a base for aircraft being ferried across the Atlantic to Europe and has been used at various times by the United States and Canadian Armed Forces, the Royal Air Force, and by various NATO forces engaged in low-level flight training exercises. The Town of Happy Valley was formed in 1961, and in 1971, Happy Valley and Goose Bay amalgamated. Today, the population comprises people of several different cultures, including the Native Innuit and Innu, Metis, and people from other parts of Canada and from around the world.

Conservation Area
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Happy Valley-Goose Bay Kids Map
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Conservation Areas have habitat of significance to waterfowl, generally providing prime habitat for nesting and brood rearing. These areas are often also important recreational areas to town residents, as well as visitors to the area. Together these areas support a diversity of avian species, including waterfowl, songbirds, and other wildlife within the town. The Town of Happy Valley - Goose Bay has Conservation Areas: Goose River Bog and Birch Island Creek. These two areas encompass 5104.6 acres of valuable wetland and upland habitat for waterfowl and other wildlife species.

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