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Grand Falls - Windsor

SAM Member Since: 1998
Area Protected: 531 acres

The town of Grand Falls - Windsor is located just north of one of the most well known Atlantic salmon rivers in Atlantic Canada, the Exploits River. The municipality, once two separate towns, is widely known for its historic involvement in the forestry and papermaking industry. When Grand Falls - Windsor was first developed in the early 1900s the Corduroy Brook was a thriving aquatic habitat for many wildlife species including healthy trout and salmon populations. In the mid 1900s, as the Town grew with agriculture, commercial and residential development the bordering Corduroy Brook became neglected. This area was left and basically forgotten until the Corduroy Brook Enhancement Association was incorporated in 1994. The CBEA is a non-profit, charitable organization committed to restore and preserve Corduroy Brook, and to build and maintain a system of accessible nature trails within the Town of Grand Falls - Windsor.

Conservation Area

Conservation areas have habitat of critical importance to waterfowl, generally providing prime habitat for nesting and brood rearing. These areas in Grand Falls - Windsor also represent areas of importance to town residents and visitors to the area. Grand Falls - Windsor has 2 Conservation Areas, totaling 528 acres. Little Rushy Pond is perhaps the most biologically productive wetland in town. Its shallow water and mud substrate provide good habitat for many aquatic vegetation, including Bayonet rush, Water-lily, and Floating heart. Water arum or Frog cups are very uncommon aquatic plants in Newfoundland, but are known to grow abundantly in the area. Corduroy Brook consists of large wet meadows covered with extensive emergent vegetation. The Corduroy Brook trail system, which has been constructed throughout the area, is used heavily by residents and tourists for various activities such as bird-watching and nature viewing.

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