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Hawke's Bay

SAM Member Since: June 2008
Area Protected: 1669 acres 

Hawke's Bay is located on the west coast of Newfoundland, at the mouth of the Torrent River. The town is rich in history, starting with whaling and moving on through early aviation, sport fishing, logging and river drives. Currently, Hawke's Bay has a population of approximately 500, and benefits from two unique natural attractions: the Torrent River Nature Park and the Hogan Trail boardwalk. 

Conservation Area

Hawke's Bay is rich in wildlife and waterfowl diversity. Beaches and wetland areas support shorebirds and a diversity of waterfowl, songbird, mammal and fish species. There are four Conservation Areas within the Hawke's Bay Stewardship Zone. Whale Factory Pond, Rapes Pond and their associated bogs (327.2 acres) are very productive sites with healthy populations of beaver and nesting waterfowl. Torrent River (284.7 acres) is a major salmon river, often packed with anglers during the fishing season. Otter Pond (962.5 acres) is the most productive pond in Hawke's Bay, with the highest diversity of plant and animal life. The fourth area is an as yet unnamed wetland complex (93.5 acres) made up of a small pond and several small bogs, that provides great habitat for black ducks.

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