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Indian Bay

SAM Member Since: August 2016
Area Protected: 2,877 acres

The Town of Indian Bay is located on the northeast coast of Newfoundland. The logging company Bowaters began operations in Indian Bay in 1937, when it shipped local spruce to markets in Europe. This continued until 1961, when a large forest fire devastated the landscape. After harvesting what they could, Bowaters ceased operations in 1966. As of 2011, the Town had a population of 174, and the area is renowned for its recreational fishing opportunities.

Conservation Area

The Indian Bay Brook Conservation Area (2,877 acres) is located in the Northcentral Subregion of the Central Newfoundland Forest. Indian Bay Brook has a rich and diverse ecosystem, consisting mostly of black spruce, white spruce and balsam fir stands with scattered hardwoods, such as trembling aspen, white birch and mountain alder thickets. Vegetation in the area all provide food and shelter to the many diverse wildlife species found throughout Indian Bay. Indian Bay Brook is well known for its populations of Brook Trout and is one of the best fishing areas on the island. Banded killifish, a vulnerable species in Newfoundland, is also found in the waters of Indian Bay. Ideal habitat in the area also provides homes for many species of mammals including moose and otter. A large diversity of birds can also be found in the region, including songbirds, birds of prey and waterfowl, for which there is extensive feeding and staging habitat.

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