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Steady Brook

SAM Member Since: July 2011
Area Protected: 27 acres

The Town of Steady Brook, nestled within the Humber Valley on the west coast of Newfoundland, is a picturesque community surrounded by mountains and bordered by the Humber River. Steady Brook is approximately 10 km east of Corner Brook, and has a population of about 435. Settlement began after the International Pulp and Paper Company opened a nearby logging camp in 1929. It is now well known for winter skiing at Marble Mountain and hiking through the forests of the Humber Valley.

Conservation Area

Steady Brook currently has two Conservation Areas, totaling 27 acres. The first Unit is the area surrounding the opening of Steady Brook into the Humber River, which lies near the western end of the municipal boundary, and contains productive wetlands for waterfowl and other wildlife species. The adjacent cattail marsh contains a large quantity of shallow open water separated by a patchwork of emergent vegetation. These tall emergent provide suitable cover for various wildlife species. In addition, the water-holding capacity of this wetland site aids in flood protection for the surrounding community. The second Unit is the small wetland along the edge of the Humber River at the eastern end of the town, that contains habitat suitable for nesting and staging waterfowl. The marsh is partially inundated and dominated by tall emergent grasses, rushes, and sedges. Adjacent upland habitat surrounding this wetland consists primarily of mixed boreal forest characteristic of the Corner Brook subregion of the 'Western Newfoundland Forest' ecoregion.

Steady Brook Kids Map
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