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Come By Chance

SAM Member Since: January 1995
Area Protected: 470 acres

The Town of Come By Chance in Placentia Bay is located approximately 155 km west of St. John's, at the south side of the isthmus connecting the Avalon Peninsula to the main land mass of Newfoundland. Come By Chance is rich in history that dates back as far as 1706, and it has grown into a successful town with a population of approximately 260 residents.

Conservation Area

The Come By Chance Estuary Conservation Area is located on the west side of the Town, includes the Estuary from Come By Chance Gut extending to the powerline north of the Town. It also includes the riparian zone surrounding the estuary, islands, as well as a coastal pond west of the Gut, known as Gilbert's Pond. Wetlands found in the Estuary are important staging habitats for a variety of waterfowl species, including American black duck, Green-winged teal, and Canada geese.

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