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SAM Member Since: September 2001
Area Protected:  2,097 acres

The Town of Gambo is located at the head of Freshwater Bay and takes in a large area stretching from Traverse Brook to Butts Pond to Square Pond. The first settlers to Gambo were brought there by the abundance of wood and salmon, which initiated a strong sawmilling industry and commercial salmon harvesting operation. Today, the population is approximately 2,084.

Conservation Area

Gambo has a variety of wetlands which waterfowl use, including bogs, brooks, ponds and shallow areas in the bay. They provide important nesting and staging areas on which waterfowl depend. Significant numbers of Canada geese stop to feed on the rich beds of eel grass during the spring and some nest on Gambo Bog. Brant geese use Gambo Bog as a stopover feeding site during their migration to arctic breeding grounds, and are considered a rare species for the island of Newfoundland. The Town is also home to many other avian species including bald eagles, common terns, various gull species and double-crested cormorants. In fact, the double-crested cormorant colony within Gambo is considered the largest in Newfoundland.

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