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SAM Member Since: October 1997
Area Protected: 459 acres 

The Town of Torbay is located on the northeast Avalon Peninsula, just north of the City of St. John's. Torbay was originally settled by the English and enjoys a rich historical and cultural heritage. With a current population of over six thousand residents, the Town has experienced a relatively rapid growth rate within the last several decades. Historically, Torbay's economy was built around farming and the fishery but now many of its residents commute to the city of St. John's to work. Torbay is located within the Maritime Barrens Ecoregion, and is characterized by extensive barrens and peatlands, cold summers, mild winters, frequent fog and abundant precipitation. The topography is characterized by rolling hills and meadows, with spectacular coastal cliffs.

Conservation Area

Conservation areas include habitat significance to waterfowl,  and generally provide prime habitat for nesting and brood rearing. These areas are often also important recreational areas to Town residents, as well as visitors to the area. Under its original agreement Torbay sought to have two Conservation Areas; Western Island Pond Management Unit and the Gosse’s Pond (also known as Goose Pond) Conservation Area. These two areas encompass approximately 230 acres of valuable wetland and upland habitat for both waterfowl and other wildlife species.  In 2015, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Town of Torbay decided to expand the scope of the 2010 Habitat Conservation Plan to incorporate four new Conservation Areas: Upper Three Corner Pond, Jones Pond Riparian Zone, The Gully, and the Shoreline Conservation Area.

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Wildlife Watching
East Coast Trail Conservation
In the Coastal Conservation area protected by the Town of Torbay, Father Troy's Trail and Silver Mine Head Path, both part of the East Coast Trail, are partially protected under the municipal habitat stewardship agreement.
Torbay Kids Map
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