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SAM Member Since: March 2005
Area Protected: 5,031 acres

Wabush is a community of approximately 2500 people and was incorporated in 1969. It is located in western Labrador, 6 km southeast of Labrador City. The Town contains numerous wetlands within their municipal planning boundary, including a number within the currently developed town footprint. Wetlands in the region form links in the migration chain for 52 species of wetland-dependent birds, and the associated uplands provide staging areas. 

Conservation Area

Conservation areas are wetlands or upland areas of significance to waterfowl and generally provide habitat for nesting, brood rearing and/or staging. In the case of Wabush, the Conservation Areas also represent the first and last seasonally ice-free water sites of the migratory season, thereby recognizing the importance of Labrador West as a link in the inland migratory flyway.There are seven Conservation Areas within the Municipal boundaries of Wabush, totaling just over 5,030 acres. Together, these areas support a diversity of avian species and encompass a substantial land area which could incorporate education and interpretation projects, particularly in the area of the Jean Lake Rapids.

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Wabush Kids Map
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